Packaging & Compostable Facts

Are Your Compostable Approved Food Containers Going To Landfills?

Most Likely YES !!

How does your town or city dispose of compostable Food To Go and Take Away Packaging?

You will be surprised to learn that in Ontario, compostable food packaging ends up in landfills and It will NEVER be composted. Green Bin Organic composting in Ontario does not seem to include compostable certified food packaging.

Bagasse packaging (sugar cane), imported from Asia, is not composted in Ontario, nor is it allowed to be recycled with paper packaging. This food packaging ends up in our landfills.

Stacks of paper and plastic disposable take out containers on a restaurant shelf

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Packaging In Ontario That Is Certified As Compostable Goes To Landfill.

The City of Toronto does not accept the following items marketed or labeled as compostable or biodegradable in its Green Bin Organics Program.

The great recycling LIE (what really happens to plastic)

“Plastic recycling is literally a scam. Or is it? We all know that humanity couldn’t exist in the way it does without plastic, however much of the way our currenct society operates with plastic were lies sold to us by the plastic industry.”


Single Use Plastic.

Policy decisions can change with different municipalities so please call your local government and confirm for yourself that compostable certified packaging is bound for a landfill site in your community. Single use plastic that is not recycled ends up here as well.

What Does “Compostable” REALLY Mean?

Our mission is to introduce environmentally-friendly products to our customers as alternative choices. The products we manufacture are recyclable, compostable and made from recycled materials and natural resources. It’s important for restaurants and consumers to know the difference in the products sold today.